F Rutledge Hammes


F. Rutledge Hammes has had over 30 of his short stories, essays and poems published in various books, journals and magazines around the country. Here are just a few of his publications:


A Curious Matter of Men with Wings, SFK Press, 2018.

“What We Southerners Call Grace,” New Southern Fugitives, 2018.'

“Why Embattled Men Deserve Peace,” Man About Town, 2015.

“A New Man for the New South,” Man About Town, 2015.

“Old Southern Women,” The Light Ekphrastic, 2014.

“And There’s a Time and a Place for Cave Drawings Too,” The Light Ekphrastic, 2014.

“Strangers Yesterday,” a film by Fuzzy Image Media, 2014. 

“And We Return As Crows,” Dirty Napkin, 2013.

“Tony Hoagland,” Encyclopedia of Literary Biographies (Volume Two), 2013.

“Stephen Dunn,” Encyclopedia of Literary Biographies (Volume One), 2012.

“Confessional Poetry,” Postwar Literature 1945-1970, 2012.

“Explaining Away a September Day,” The New Verse News, 2012.

         (nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize).

“Olives,” Cypress Dome, 2000

         (winner of the Cypress Dome Fiction Award).

"i know they smile," Promethia Review, 2000.

"diminutive, and yet so much depends upon it," Promethia Review, 2000.

"just once collect my things and move south," Promethia Review, 2000.

“I Know They Hang Like Moss-hung Epiphanies,” Montage Review, 1999

         (finalist for the Montage Poetry Award).

“A Sea Island Choir Gives the Benediction,” Detroit Writer’s Guild

         (finalist for the Paul Laurence Dunbar Award for Poetry).